Event day information for exhibitors, performers and presenters

CHECK-IN:  Check in will begin at 10am and the event officially starts at noon. Please check in at  your assigned zone loading location, which will be emailed to you and posted here.

Your zone has been emailed to you and can also be found on the  Program Page

Your zone has been emailed to you and can also be found on the Program Page

BE INTERACTIVE:  How you do you plan to get patrons involved in your craft while visiting your booth? How can you help them identify their inner maker by trying it out?  We would love for there to be a hands-on element at each booth.

BRING TABLES/CHAIRS/CANOPY/LIGHT:  Bring your own table, chair, displays, and canopy (highly recommended as shady spots/rain protection cannot be guaranteed). Themers LLC is offering 10x10 canopy rentals for $75 and 15% off all other rental needs if you tell them that you are renting to participate in Southwest Maker Fest. 

Themers LLC located at 441 S. Robson Ave. Mesa, 480-497-3229 – by appt. only

LIGHT FOR DARK HOURS:  The festival runs from noon to 8:00pm. The sun goes down at ~6:30pm. Street lighting includes regular street lights, historic lamps, and the well-lit porticos, but you should come prepared with alternate battery-operated lighting if you wish to spotlight your art or light your booth. These are available at Home Depot, IKEA, and even dollar stores for a very low cost. 

OR – Make your own! 

Option 1: http://www.propanels.com/lighting/battery/
Option 2: http://jewelrymakingjournal.com/solar-lights/

SPACE ASSIGNMENT ZONES:  Spaces will be assigned by zones.  You will be emailed your Zone and contact person.  You will check-in at your zone's loading region.  We will also recommend parking for your zone.

SPACE SIZE:  Exhibitor spaces are 10 x 10 feet in size.  Most include four outlets.  Exhibitors who requested power will be prioritized to spaces with outlets. Please be sure to bring extension cords to connect to the power source, as well as a surge protector.

WIFI: We have wifi coverage in most areas. 

Network: #SWMF2015
Password: UMakeSWMF!!

YOUTH MAKERS:  You will be required to bring a parent/guardian with you and sign a release form at check-in in Zone A.

PARKING DOWNTOWN MESA: We recommend exhibitors park in the Pepper Parking Garage, but here is a link to 4 designated lots in Downtown Mesa: Parking Lots


Carole Flores, Volunteer | 480-406-1593 | carole.flores@gmail.com
Robin Baskin McNulty, Volunteer | 480-229-0414 | robin.baskinmcnulty@gmail.com  

COSTS:  Spaces are free for artists exhibiting their own original work.  Spaces are $50 for vendors defined as those selling anything from their booth other than original works.

TAX LICENSE:  Even if you’re selling your own work, you need to have a city tax license.  Here is the link to the Transaction Privilege Sales & Use Tax (TPT) Application:  


SWMF will not be collecting your tax license information at check in. You will only need to show it if a city inspector attends the festival to audit exhibitors. Out-of-state participants also need to apply for a Transaction Privilege Sales Tax License; you can apply online and mail in a copy of your Drivers License along with the application and $20 fee. ***

***Original Art (Non Functional) is tax exempt, so you would not need a tax license to sell it; please refer to Mesa City Tax and Licensing rules.

SMOKING & MUSIC:  Out of respect for others, please no smoking in the booths or music (unless you are an approved musician for this event).

FUND RAISING:  You are welcome to fund raise at your booth IF you are an educational or nonprofit organization ONLY.

WATER:  We have made arrangements for water to be sold by specific vendors at the festival.  So, please do not plan to sell water.