We welcome you to apply to exhibit or present at Southwest Maker Fest 2016! The event takes place on Saturday, March 12, 2016, from noon to 7 pm in downtown Mesa.

We especially would like exhibitors that are interactive with festival visitors through demos, workshops, activities, make-and-takes, and presentations. Please review the application FAQ's below, then fill out the form.

+ What kind of exhibits and projects is SWMF looking for?

Here are a some of the projects that would be ideal for Southwest Maker Fest:

  • Coding Projects & Workshops
  • Hacking projects & Workshops
  • Collaborative Art and Craft Projects
  • Computer Aided Design: 3D Printers and Routers
  • DIY Rockets and Radio Controlled Toys
  • Extraordinary Innovations, Machines and Tools
  • Hacked Radios, Computers and Game Systems
  • Homegrown Robots and Flying Drones
  • Large Scale Sculpture and Art
  • Interactive Electronics, LED lights, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects
  • Interactive Textile Arts
  • Projects with emphasis on Sustainability & Green Technologies
  • Kits, Puppets and Other Imaginative Brainchildren
  • Repurposed Bicycles and Other forms of Low-Impact Transportation
  • Science, Biotech and Chemistry projects
  • STEAM Kit Makers
  • STEAM Student Projects
  • Traditional Arts
  • Arts with a new twist
  • Anachronistic Arts

+ What about performers?

We are looking for original performers! Some examples are: musicians who create music using unusual or self-made instruments, bands showcasing original compositions, fire dancers, and visual artist performers. Please indicate "Performer" under Type of Exhibit. It would be very helpful if you include a link to a website or video channel that shows examples of your performance.

+ Fashion show? (NEW!)

That's right! We're having a Fashion Show Like You've Never Seen Before! Submit the application below and choose "Fashion Show" for Type of Proposal. We're looking for:

  • Designers
  • Cosplay
  • Wearable Tech
  • Costumes
  • High end one of kind Fashion
  • Re-purposed
  • Makeup
  • Hair Sculpting
  • Models

Designers - Please submit between 1 - 5 pictures of pieces you would like to enter into the Fashion Show. Hair and Makeup Fashionistas - Please submit 1 - 3 pictures of your work and what you would like to contribute to the Fashion Show. Models - Please submit 1 - 3 Pictures of prior modeling engagements and your size and height.

+I would like to give a presentation or a workshop but do not plan to do so in my own exhibit. Can you provide a space for me?

We will have one central stage and a few venues for workshops and presentations. Please let us know how long your workshop or presentation lasts, allowing time for Q&A, and any special setup requirements in the Workshop/Presentation Details field in the application form.

+ Is there a cost to exhibit?

If you are not selling anything at your exhibit, your exhibit space is free.

If you are a maker selling items you made, and your exhibit is interactive, then your exhibit space is free. Interactive means you are providing regular demonstrations, a presentation, workshop, or activity, either at your exhibit space or elsewhere at SWMF.

If you are an individual maker and your exhibit is primarily for selling your work, an exhibit space costs $25 for the entire day.

If you are a commercial maker selling products, your exhibit space costs $150 for the entire day.

If you are a SWMF Sponsor with a sponsorship level of Copper ($1000) or higher, your exhibit space is free.

+ What do I need to sell at my booth?

Makers selling their own work and commercial vendors should bring their own means of collecting payment and have a Mesa Tax license. The MACFest Tax Information guide has more information about sales tax requirements.

+ How big is an exhibit space?

The regular exhibit space is 10x10’, outdoors. If you have special space requirements for your exhibit space, please explain in the "Special Setup" field near the end of the form.

+What is provided at the exhibit space?

Basically, the space. Most spaces are outdoors and uncovered, although we have a few spaces that are under a covered walkway. You should supply your own canopy, tables, chairs, and display items. If you have requirements for power or wifi for your demonstration or workshop equipment, you can indicate them on the application. We will do what we can to accommodate these requests. If you need power for lighting your booth, we recommend that you bring battery powered lighting.

+How do I pay for my exhibit space?

If your space is for a commercial vendor or non-interactive individual maker selling work, you will be sent an invoice for your space once your application is accepted.

+When are applications due?

Applications will be accepted through February 27. Exception: Fashion Show entries will be accepted March 4.

+When will I hear if my application has been accepted?

It takes us up to a week to review an application and let you know if your application has been accepted. Details about your exhibit location and event day details will be sent 1 to 2 weeks before the event. Make sure your email address will accept mail from info@southwestmakerfest.com.

+Are late applications accepted?

Applications submitted after February 27 but before March 5 will be reviewed, but space will not be guaranteed. Also, it is unlikely that exhibitors applying after February 27 will have their information included in program. No applications will be accepted after March 5.

+What are the event day details, like setup, parking and wifi?

Information will be emailed to all exhibitors with details once the event day program is set. Please make sure you add info@southwestmakerfest.com to your email contacts so that this crucial information is not misdirected to your spam folder.

For any other questions about exhibiting, please contact us.